1. Avoid white outfits (or, what not to wear for engagement photos!) Try to avoid white outfits because they reflects light and the details will be lost and which may lead to a overexposed image (some white under another garment is OK)
2. Stick to solids- Picking a solid pattern is always better than a printed garment. Most people who choose bold patterns, graphic t-shirts and heavy prints for the shoot regret it later.
3. Be comfortable with what you wear for your engagement photos. As a photographer I always want my clients to be comfortable to get the best results so make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing otherwise you’ll look stiff and uncomfortable in your photographs.
I shoot on locations and shoot with natural light so be prepared to walk around and don’t hesitate to pack a pair of sandals to walk around until we find a good spot to take photos.
4. What’s the deal with colors?
Please please please avoid bright colors like oranges and reds. They tend to change your skin tone. As well too much red or pink will look dull in black and white photographs also too much solid black may blend into shadows. Rich colors with textures works perfect for photos. Accessories like scarves, hats, fringe, and knitted items are great too.
Nice bright and rich colors will pop in your photos
5. To match or not to match?
I advise my couples to coordinate their dresses with each other but try not to match. When you are selecting dresses for a engagement shots you don’t really have to match them. Try to coordinate well, if you have a wedding theme choose your dress according to that when you hand your engagement photos next to your wedding ones, they will look great.
6. Be you when thinking about what to wear for engagement photos
Whenever I book an engagement session my clients always asks “What kind of dresses we should pick up formal or casual? ” so here is the answer for that what do you wear most of the time? Do you wear casual or do you like dressing up? Pick an engagement dress which reflects who you are. I don’t even mind incorporating your favorite sports team, school, college etc. with the choice of your clothing.
Try to avoid trends. We don’t want to look back at our photos in 10 or 20 years and think this is not real me that’s not how I used to be. BE YOURSELF, YOU WILL LOVE THOSE PHOTOS BEST.
7. Rock Layers and Accessories You can use layers and accessories which can provide you choice and flexibility.
* I also don’t mind incorporating props likes first gift, a greeting card or anything which have emotional value for you or which describes your relationship.
So i guess this answers all your questions on what to wear for an engagement shoot. SEE YOU SOON.