When Do I Pay and Cancellation Policies?

A deposit is required when you book your session in order to secure the date and time slot. The remainder of the session fee is due before 20 days of the time of the session. When you schedule your session, please understand that the session fee covers the cost of the photographer’s time to shoot the portraits as well as editing time, ordering the photos, expensive professional grade equipment, shipping, etc. Even if you decide not to order prints, or are unhappy with the final product, the session fee is not refundable.

We have NO REFUND policy if client cancels the shoot or fails to make the full advance payment generally 80% of total price before 7 days of the sold session time slot or day (If client fails to make the complete advance payment within given time frame, shoot will be cancelled and no refund will be given). We do not release any pictures or video until the full payment of assignment is done.


After the Shoot

Regarding how we work once we are done with your session :

  • WE SHOOT RAW. The camera does not capture all the color your eyes see so the images I upload from the camera are already slightly altered by the camera.
  • I edit the photos to correct for lighting, correct the color as well as any dirt or blemishes.
  • Very important: When the photos are uploaded to the computer to be shared to social media or other similar applications, the data is compressed and a lot of color is lost. The image quality is not as good as your actual images are—and will be—when you receive them. When you receive your DVD/ USB/Hard Drive and prints, you will receive the images without the compression process so you will get the original high definition images.
  • You will also have your photos processed through a professional printing service, which “color corrects” to try to replace any color the camera was unable to capture. When you print your photos from your DVD/ USB/Hard Drive at other printing services, I cannot guarantee the quality of the prints.
  • Cropping: I try to save your photos in several different sizes so that when they are printed you do not have to do much cropping. The photo below shows how your image will be cropped as it is enlarged.

Please click here for more on Before and After.

What should I/we wear?

It is best to keep clothing simple, avoiding logos or busy patterns. I always suggest layers/textures. In group photos, color coordinating is always more pleasing to the eye. Wear clothes that represent you and who you are. Feel free to bring a change of clothing.
Please click here for more on WHAT TO WEAR.

How long does the photo shoot session last?

The actual session itself usually lasts about 1.5 hours or up to 3 hours for a newborn session.
Wedding Collections range from 4.5hrs, 6.5hrs or 8.5hrs.

How do we book you?

Simply let me know you would like to book a photo shoot session, what dates work best for you and what type/kind of session you are looking for through my contact page or email me at info@adityendrasolanki.com. For wedding photography please send me your date, venue location and which wedding package best fits your needs and I will send you the wedding contract with more information.

When will I receive my photos?

Approximately 4 weeks after your session (weddings usually 8-12 weeks depending on the time of year), I will have your custom USB/Hard Drive completed, your USB//Hard Drive will usually consist of over a hundred & fifty pictures (usually a lot more for weddings, family, etc.). Pictures will be professionally edited, color corrected (if needed), some offered in black & white and all in high resolution. I will usually post a sneak peek photo of the session on my website and/or Facebook page within a few days of your session. We allows you the freedom to have ALL the pictures from the day of the shoot, with corrections made, to make prints from anywhere.

Are there any additional charges for me to receive my photos?

I charge a one-time flat rate for your pictures which are taken at the location of YOUR choice. No added sitting fees, special effect fees or huge prices for portraits. The price quoted does include the photo shoot, your personalized USB/Hard Drive containing all of your images with permission for you to share and print the photos from anywhere and keep forever.

* Only private/personal photos must not be used for commercial use without permission.


Where will the photos be taken? Do you have a studio?

The location of the photo session is up to you, we currently are in the process of setting up our studio. Ideally I prefer to use natural, available light as I call myself a natural light photographer. I do use an external flash. Once your photo shoot date is booked we will discuss what type of feel you are looking for in your photographs, we can then work together to come up with the perfect location. Newborn photo sessions are almost always held within the comfort of your own home.

Do you only offer the photos on USB or do you offer prints?

We provide both. I do order prints from outside professional printers and vendors, if you are interested in ordering prints we can discuss sizes and prices that work best for you.

I love doing photography for any kind of occasion. If you have an occasion in mind you do not see on my list, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Or if you have any questions about anything you see, please let me know.

What to bring?

For family and/or children photo sessions: outfit changes, a drink, favorite toy, special stuffed animal. Please make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session for a more comfortable and positive experience.

An Important Note on Personal Camera Use

As a professional courtesy, we respectfully ask that clients do not take photographs at any time during the session while I or my team is working. We will regretfully halt a session if any other cameras (including iPhone, iPad and other smartphone devices) are present and used during the time we are working at a session (weddings are fine). If a session is halted, monies paid will be forfeited.

We thank you for your consideration and as well for making all members of your party aware of this policy prior to our portrait session.

We would love to hear from you. Thank you!

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