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About Me

Adityendra is based in Jaipur, India. He studied his Masters in International Tourism and Hospitality at the James Cook University in Brisbane, Australia and worked there for two years which is where he fell in love with photography.

Adityendra’s love was so pure that when he moved back to India he decided to forge ahead on a new career path in photography, leaving his hospitality roots behind in Australia. He describes himself as an Art Photographer who specializes in candid, wedding, pre-wedding and nature photography. His photography is truly soul touching & his photos have the power to leave a long lasting impression on viewers. And when it comes to awards and prizes he values the client feedback more then any award or prize. All Adityendra’s photography is dedicated to his late brother Bharatendra Singh.

Adityendra is also the co-founder of The Maker’s Space Jaipur. It is one of the first co-working space of Jaipur.


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