Why should I hire a professional photographer?

A professional photographer always wants to take the best photos of you for you to cherish for life. Using the best in class equipment along with their experience and knowledge of angles and posing helps you to get the best professional quality image while making you comfortable, so you look truly yourself, confident and beautiful. Having a professional who is invested in you and their work would bring the best story image for you.

Why should I hire a vacation photographer and who are vacation photographers?

We are in our happiest place when we travel and a travel photographer captures the happiest version of you. The story of your vacation will always be with you as a memory, and photos give you a lasting visual of that story. In vacation shoots photographer captures long and mind rage (wide angle) candid photos to show the city and its architecture along with the client.

Vacation photographers are generally locals who know the best about the place you are in. They have spent hours and hours looking for the best locations for a shoot. They speak the local language, so they can politely ask strangers to move from a frame or if they need help and can give you tips about the city like things to do and the best restaurants in town.

Vacation photography is best gift you could give to yourself or someone you know.

Can I choose which photos I receive in my gallery?

The packages include only the ‘best of the best’ from your shoot – as industry practice, your photographer removes any photos with funny faces, closed eyes, and improper lighting. Due to the nature of candid photography, not all shots that are taken will turn out as planned, but if you have any ‘must have’ shots, we would be more than happy to prioritize those shots so that they end up in your final gallery.

How long in advance I should book my dates for a shoot?

Advance bookings can be done as early as 6 months, but no later than 4 weeks before the shoot date.

What should I wear on a photoshoot?

Jaipur is often hot, busy, and one of the most famous cities among tourists in India. I suggest clients to wear smart, casual clothing made of breathable fabric that does not wrinkle quickly or show sweat marks. This type of clothing is comfortable and does not restrict you from movement (jumping, walking, running, playing, having fun). Dressy/fancy/traditional clothing attracts a lot of attention, which could lead to discomfort. In some cases if you wear dressy clothing, authorities may object and ask to pay fines for a commercial shoot. Avoid big, complicated patterns or logos on clothing, or completely monotoned outfits. Rich jewel tones or pastel colours go well with Jaipur’s weather and architecture.

Vacation photo shoots often involve lot of walking, so bring a pair of comfortable shoes with you.

If you are visiting in the winter, layer up and wear accessories which will give photos more variety.

If you are traveling with someone, compliment your partner’s outfit, but do not match.

Choose something which fits you well, not too tight or not too boxy.

Most importantly, wear something that makes you feel good! If you don’t feel confident in your clothing, it will come through in the photos, and that is not the story we want to tell. Take out any additional stress from the day by wearing something that makes you stand tall and you don’t have to think twice about.

What should I carry with me for the photoshoot?

You may find the following items useful during your photoshoot: umbrella, water bottle, hand sanitiser, tissues, comfortable shoes, scarf.

How many photos I will receive after the shoot?

In most cases I give around 25-30 photos for a one hour shoot.

How long does it take to receive the photos once the shoot is done?

You will receive digital gallery or copies of the photos through pixieset or Google drive within 7-10 days from the completion of the photoshoot.

What format files I will be receiving?

I provide high quality JPEG files in sRGB cooler profile.

How do I make the payment?

Domestic payments can be made through bank transfer or UPI application. For international payments, I prefer a bank transfer via Wise. The shoot only be confirmed after 100% advance payment.

What if I need to cancel the shoot? (Cancellation policies)

If the shoot is canceled 10 days prior to the shoot date, a complete refund will be made after deducting a transfer fee or any other fee applied by bank or any third party app.

If the shoot is canceled between 9-7 days prior the shoot date, 25% of shoot fee will be charged/deducted.

If the shoot is canceled between 6-3 days prior to the shoot date, 50% of the shoot fee will be charged/ deducted.

If the shoot is canceled within 48 hours of the shoot time, no refund will be made.

How will I receive the refund for my cancelled shoot?

A cancelled shoot refund will be transferred to your bank account via internet banking (domestic) or Wise (international).

What if I add one more person to the shoot?

For each additional person you want to add on to the originally agreed upon shoot specifications, INR 3000 will be charged and must be paid immediately. No additional people may be added after 10 days before the shoot date.

Are there any other charges?

In some circumstances a shoot location may have an entry ticket or fee. The customer is responsible to pay for the entry for all persons, including the photographer. If the shoot location is outside of the city, a convenience fee may be charged.

In case prints are requested by clients, they will be charged separately.

Can I reschedule my shoot?

Yes, up until 10 days before the shoot date, you may request to reschedule. If I am available, I will be happy to reschedule for your requested date. A request to reschedule will not be treated as a cancellation request. If the requested rescheduling date is not available and the client is not available on the previously booked date, the client will have the option to cancel the booking according to the cancellation policies.

What if I arrive late for the shoot?

If you arrive late, the shoot will happening in the remaining time of your scheduled shoot.

What if I want to extend my shoot time on location?

If I have time available and the client wants to extend the shoot time, additional fees will be charged accordingly and must be paid before the photos can be delivered.

What if the photographer has to cancel the shoot?

If the photographer has to cancel the shoot due to some unavoidable circumstances, a full refund will be made to the client or the client can ask to reschedule.

What if there are travel restrictions or a lockdown around my shoot date?

I understand these are very uncertain times. If travel restrictions are applied by the Indian government or your home government which stops you from traveling, I will make a full refund of your shoot. If there is a lockdown on the shoot day, I will make a full refund of your shoot.

If I buy a street or travel photo, how will I receive the photo?

I send all photos through Google drive along with a copyright certificate allowing the client to print for their personal use.

Can I sell or use a photo I bought for business use?

No, a client can not resell a photo or its copy. Without prior permission, my photos may not be used for business purposes.

Adi is FANTASTIC! We visited India with our family and wanted to get family photos done in Jaipur, and Adi did not disappoint. We are so thrilled with our photos, he was easy to work with, and the price was reasonable. We would absolutely refer Adi to anyone visiting Jaipur who would like to capture some special memories. We will treasure our photos.

Henna Pryor

Thank you Adityendra! We feel incredibly lucky to have found you. Your kindness, vision, and photographs were incredible. If you are visiting Jaipur and want magazine worthy photos for a lifetime than look no further.

Clay Adamson

An exceptional photographer!
He did a photoshoot of my child and covered an event that followed. The photographs that came out were phenomenal! I’ve have never met a photographer who can deliver so many quality pictures.
He is very experienced and meticulous with his work. Once you’ve got him aboard, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Couldn’t have found a better photographer!

Rohan Awtani

Amazing service and quality! We recently hired Adityendra to capture some photos on our recent holiday to Jaipur and he exceeded all of our expectations. He was professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and helped us to make our holiday one we will never forget. In addition, he returned our photos in less than half the time we were promised. Great photographer! – Allison Hester Allison

Allison Hester

I can’t say enough good things about Adi. I emailed him out of the blue. We had never met. And yet he was willing to spend two days with me as a private photography tutor for an incredibly reasonable price.

Adi was an amazing and accommodating partner during our two days together. Not only did he take me around to see the forts, temples, parks, palaces, and other sights of Jaipur, he helped me find a driver and made numerous recommendations that improved my two-day itinerary.

I learned a TON from Adi and am now much smarter with my DSLR camera than I was a few weeks ago. I’m very proud of many of the photos I took in Jaipur and can’t wait to use my new skills in other settings.

Adi was incredibly patient with me as a relatively novice photographer. He explained things to me in terms I could understand and was always willing to repeat things as necessary. Adi also is worldly, funny, and fun to hang out with. He’s got an open invite to stay with me if he’s ever in the U.S. And of course he’s a talented photographer. Ask him to see some of his street photography. It’s very impressive.

I give Adi my highest recommendation. He’s fantastic.

Scott McLeod

Adi did an amazing job for us and we organised it all from Australia. He was prompt, had a great artistic eye, understood what we wanted to achieve, worked really well with our kids and didn’t get in the way of us enjoying our time at the Amber Fort. We enjoyed his company too.

Julie Smith

My husband and I recently had a photo session with Adityendra to capture our vacation to Jaipur. The session was easy to set up; Adityendra responded promptly to emails. We met at Hawa Mahal in the morning, took photos there, and then moved to City Palace for a tour and photos. In all, the session was fantastic. Adityendra is a talented photographer and he set up many great backgrounds for the photos (including Hawa Mahal and the many beautiful doors and rooms of the City Palace). We were thrilled with our photos, which he sent promptly within a week of the session. As an added benefit, Adityendra is knowledgeable about the places we visited and we had a great time chatting with him about Jaipur and our mutual love of travel. We thoroughly enjoyed spending our morning with him and would highly recommend a photo session to others visiting Jaipur.

Paige Goodwin

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